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The cuisine of the Alegra restaurant in Livigno mainly serves meat dishes and local traditional mountain specialities in an informal atmosphere. Let yourself be pampered by the genuine flavours of the Alps.

Winter opening hours: 12.00am - 9.00pm
Summer opening hours: 12.00am – 9.30pm

Mountain flavours in the wood


A warm and cozy atmosphere is the frame for a never boring menu, for an informal but quality dinner. The restaurant offers typical dishes of the local tradition, tasty first courses of pasta and great meats. The meal is valorised by a varied selection of wines, both local and national.

Upon request you can order your dinner for take away.

Sanwiches and dishes for an energizing break


A dinner on the terrace at the bottom of the ski slopes, under the sun and breathing the fresh air of the Alps is what you need after your sports day. The Alegra Restaurant offers great sandwiches and hamburgers with high quality ingredients, but also big pastas and tasty meats for lunch. The restaurant is also open inside for a warming break after a day outside.

Upon request you can order your dinner for take away.

High quality ingredients and care for details


The dishes at Alegra Restaurant range from the local cuisine, to Italian traditional dishes and international dishes. You can enjoy a good pasta, a dish of “Pizzoccheri” or tasty first courses with fish, for lunch as well as for dinner. But the real strength of the restaurant are it’s second courses. The choice varies from the original Alegra fillet embraced in crispy speck, to the more classic jugged venison with polenta. To taste the real flavours of the mountain, the one-plate meals will make you discover the flavours of Valtellina.