All types of snow

All types of snow

Winter Experiences

Soft powder, the unique feeling of skiing at the break of dawn. Unspoiled white landscapes. These experiences will show you snow in all its forms. Our staff will help you organise and book the most suitable experiences for you.

Paragliding on a two-seater

Sky Experience

Soar over the ski slopes and Carosello 3000 backcountry on a paraglider. Admire the snowy peaks and enjoy the sense of freedom as you fly over the Livigno valley. Fabio, the instructor, has over 20 years and thousands of flying hours of experience. You will feel safe even high above the ground.

When: Weather conditions permitting, every day in winter (booking required)
Where: Carosello 3000 Peak

Night skiing

Starlight Experience

Skiing after dark with only the light of the stars and the headlamps. The Carosello 3000 cable car opens exceptionally in the evening for the Starlight Experience, a unique opportunity to ski at night on the iconic Polvere slope.

When: end of season full moon nights
Where: Carosello 3000 cable car

Freeriding in immaculate snow


In search of new spaces with pure and uncontaminated snow, far from the slopes. Heli-ski gives you the opportunity to enjoy freeriding at its best, reach the wildest peaks and ski across immaculate open spaces.

When: weather conditions permitting, every day (booking required)

Skiing at the break of dawn

Sunrise Emotion

The quietness of the mountains as the world awakens and the sun appears from behind the highest peaks lighting up the slopes. Sunrise Emotion is a chance to ski on freshly groomed slopes in a magical atmosphere, as the sun rises. From 9:00, a plentiful breakfast will be served at the Costaccia hut, to boost energy in preparation for a new day on the slopes.

When: Tuesday and Thursday, at 7:00
Where: Livigno Centro-Tagliede Cable Car

Find your freedom in the fresh snow

Freeride Tour

In search of the most remote lines, with freeride tours you will learn or improve your freeriding techniques, learn to understand and read the mountain environment and how to use self-rescue equipment. Guide Alpine Livigno organises freeriding tours suitable for all levels of ability and experience.

When: every day (booking required)

Ski on fresh snow slopes

Powder Slopes

After abundant snowfalls, some of the slopes of the Carosello 3000 ski area are not groomed to allow anyone wanting to approach off-piste skiing for the first time to experience skiing on fresh snow safely.

When: after every abundant snowfall
Where: Carosello 3000